Apprenticeship Solutions (ATA)

An Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) is effectively an employment agency for apprentices. It allows organisations to host rather than employ an Apprentice, therefore removing a potential barrier to an organisation taking on an apprentice.

New Futures Recruitment runs an ATA called Apprenticeship Solutions. Apprenticeship Solutions offers a unique approach to the recruitment of Apprentices. It is a provider led ATA which means that our systems and processes work seamlessly with the Training Provider’s own processes. This ensures that the Apprenticeship experience for our ATA apprentices is exactly the same as that experienced by employed apprentices with the same training provider. Most importantly, we do not interfere in the relationship between you, the training provider and your employers.

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Apprenticeship Solutions is an “off the shelf” Appprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) accessible to any provider, enabling you to offer the benefits of the ATA model without the risk of setting one

We are an independent ATA – This allows you to keep and maintain your close relationship with the employer and deliver high quality training, we take care of the back office, payroll, administration and “employ” the Apprentice.

* NAS accredited Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) & subsidiary of New Futures Recruitment.

* Established and reliable ATA with over 5 years of experience providing a quality orientated service.

* We offer an “off the shelf” model that you can use as and when you need to.

* A provider led ATA, working with you to facilitate Apprenticeships meaning you keep the direct relationship with the employer and provide the training.

* We look after the back office functions and “employ” the Apprentice.

* The landscape of Apprenticeships is changing - we are already experienced in working in partnership with training organisations and well placed to become part of the range of services you offer to employers.

* No financial risk or outlay for you in setting up your own ATA – Simply an additional service that you can offer employers that would suit their needs.

* An ATA may be suitable for employers you work with that are unable to take on permanent staff members (Head count restrictions) or smaller businesses unsure of offering a permanent Apprenticeship initially.

* Any industry sector is covered with ATA Apprenticeships and you provide your own high quality training.

* Free consultation.

* No membership fees or minimum contract – simply pay as you go!

Apprenticeship solutions
Apprenticeship solutions

  • We have used New Futures Recruitment for the past year to aid us in recruitment advertising for design and draughting apprentices… They offered to place an advertisement with all the major job boards, sift candidates based upon set criteria, and then forward candidates via email to myself for review. They...

    Academy Manager – Training Provider - Shropshire

  • The biggest response we’ve had from an online recruitment service in 15 years! Plus the additional free service of sifting through all the CVs and only sending through the suitable candidates! A fantastic service that I would not only highly recommend but will continue to use in the future.

    Training Provider - Oxfordshire

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